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Functions. Programs that accept inputs and return outputs. Both scripts and functions allow you to reuse sequences of commands by storing them in program files. Functions provide more flexibility, primarily because you can pass input values and return output values. In addition, functions avoid storing temporary variables in the base workspace. In MATLAB, functions are defined in separate files. The name of the file and of the function should be the same. Functions operate on variables within their own workspace, which is also called the local workspace, separate from the workspace you access at the MATLAB command prompt which is called the base workspace MATLAB Functions are written with various lines of code that relate one variable with another variable, and each output is related exactly to one particular input that forms an important part of any programming language. In MATLAB environment, they are stored in a certain file like script files, etc. They can accept more than one input argument. Local Functions. This topic explains the term local function, and shows how to create and use local functions.. MATLAB ® program files can contain code for more than one function. In a function file, the first function in the file is called the main function. This function is visible to functions in other files, or you can call it from the command line A function handle is effectively a variable that tells Matlab where to find a particular function. Because they are variables, function handles can be used to access many different functions, and can even point to different functions as the program runs. The feval( ) function allows Matlab to call any function for which there is a handle set

Matlab Function is defined as is a set of instructions that performs specific operations in Matlab, functions need a separate file in Matlab. It is implementation divided into three parts declaration of a function, calling a function and definition of function means function body MATLAB Commands - 7 Cell Array Functions cell Creates cell array. celldisp Displays cell array. cellplot Displays graphical representation of cell array. num2cell Converts numeric array to cell array. deal Matches input and output lists. iscell Identifies cell array. Structure Functions Functions are very useful and necessary in all applications that are design in MATLAB. We will be designing the math function y = mx+ b which is know as the slope equation this equation if programmatically defined is helpful since we can just plug in the known inputs and the program will output the answer Array-valued function flag, specified as the comma-separated pair consisting of 'ArrayValued' and a numeric or logical 1 (true) or 0 (false).Set this flag to true or 1 to indicate that fun is a function that accepts a scalar input and returns a vector, matrix, or N-D array output.. The default value of false indicates that fun is a function that accepts a vector input and returns a vector output Define a MATLAB Function: The Syntax. Here is the simplest way to define a MATLAB function: function out = functionName ( in) instructions end. In this example, you have one input and one output for the function. To define a function, you basically have to write the keyword function, then your outputs, the symbol = followed by the name of.

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  1. s = struct (field,value) creates a structure array with the specified field and value. The value input argument can be any data type, such as a numeric, logical, character, or cell array. If value is not a cell array, or if value is a scalar cell array, then s is a scalar structure. For instance, s = struct ('a', [1 2 3]) creates a 1-by-1.
  2. g: don't change the input parameters of a function. Like all cardinal rules, this one is broken at times. My free advice, however, is to stick to the rule
  3. Description. With a MATLAB Function block, you can write a MATLAB ® function for use in a Simulink ® model. The MATLAB function you create executes for simulation and generates code for a Simulink Coder™ target. If you are new to the Simulink and MATLAB products, see Implementing MATLAB Functions Using Blocks and Create Custom Functionality Using MATLAB Function Block for an overview
  4. Inline Functions One downside to Matlab functions in m-files is the proliferation of files resulting from having each function in it's own file For simple functions, this can be avoided with an inline function
  5. Description of Find in Matlab. Below will learn all the Find function in Matlab one by one accordingly: 1. R = find (A) Here A is an array, this function will return a vector that will contain linear indices of each non zero elements of A. Let's assume A to be a vector then R will return a vector which will have the same orientation as x
  6. MATLAB unit step function is used to enable representation of a signal or pulse without the need to specify separate functional forms for various ranges of time. The unit step function is used to test the low and high-frequency response of any system in a single attempt. The unit step function takes theoretically zero time to change from 0 to 1.

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To determine which function to call when multiple functions in the current scope have the same name, MATLAB uses function precedence order. Update Code for R2019b Changes to Function Precedence Order; Add Help for Your Program. Help text appears in the Command Window when you use the help function. Create help text for your program by inserting. MATLAB syntax is quite peculiar compared to other programming languages. We can return one or more values from a function. We can also pass one or more arguments/variables while calling a function. MATLAB functions must be defined in separate files and function name must match with the file name Introduction to MATLAB Plot Function. MATLAB or Matrix Laboratory is a programming language that was developed by MathWorks. This powerful language finds its utility in technical computing. MATLAB provides us with a convenient environment that can be used to integrate tasks like manipulations on matrix, plotting data and functions, implementing algorithms, creating user interfaces, etc. MATLAB.

Introduction to Inline Function in Matlab. Inline Functions in Matlab have two categories one is inbuilt functions and the second is used defined functions that are created by the user. Inbuilt Functions. Matlab has many built-in functions square root, sin, cos, tan, exponential, log, etc MATLAB Functionブロックとは. まず初めに、MATLAB Function ブロックについて簡単に説明します。MATLAB Function ブロックは、MATLABの関数を用いて動作を自分でカスタマイズすることができるブロックです The find() function in MATLAB is used to find the indices and values of non-zero elements or the elements which satisfy a given condition.The relational expression can be used in conjunction with find to find the indices of elements that meet the given condition. It returns a vector that contains the linear indices A MATLAB® function is created that reads in temperature-dependent thermal conductivity data and interpolates to provide the conductivity value as a function of temperature at any point within the glass layer. The effect of spatial inhomogeneity in the material property is incorporated by adding a random component to the conductivity, which.

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  1. An anonymous function is a one-line expression-based MATLAB function that does not require a program file. Construct a handle to an anonymous function by defining the body of the function, anonymous_function , and a comma-separated list of input arguments to the anonymous function, arglist
  2. Let us plot the simple function y = x for the range of values for x from 0 to 100, with an increment of 5. Create a script file and type the following code −. x = [0:5:100]; y = x; plot(x, y) When you run the file, MATLAB displays the following plot −. Let us take one more example to plot the function y = x 2. In this example, we will draw.
  3. function is created (saved) it can be used just like the built-in functions. One of the most important aspects of MATLAB is the ability to write your own functions, which can then be used and reused just like intrinsic MATLAB functions. A function file is a file with an Rounding and Remainder Function Descriptio
  4. Functions showing input/output in MATLAB. counter.m Prints out numbers in a loop. echo_number.m Prompts user for a number, then echoes it. write_file.m Creates a file on disk and fills with input from the user. read_file.m Reads information from a file on disk, printing it to the screen. plot_from_file.m Read data from a file with 4 columns.
  5. Creating a Function in MATLAB: MATLAB is a tool that engineers and other professionals can use to quickly and efficiently analyze data, make calculations, and display information. One of the many ways that the user can interact with MATLAB is through the use of functions. Func

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MATLAB returns the information in a structure array. audio_files = 19x1 struct array with fields: name date bytes isdir Index into the structure to access a particular item Most MATLAB functions, like sin, cos, log, and many others, work regardless of the size of the input. If A is a numeric array of any size, then B=sin(A) is another array such that B(i,j) == sin(A(i,j)) Example This creates a 20-by-4-by-2 3D array called A and then creates another array with the same dimensions using the exponential function MATLAB is the easiest and most productive computing environment for engineers and scientists. With math, graphics, and programming, it's designed for the way you think and the work you do. Learn more about MATLAB

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  1. I'm writing 2 functions in matlab, an initialize function and a function to insert items into an array treating it like a doubly-linked list. However, my initialize function only returns ans = and the initialized array
  2. The MATLAB language does not have a dimension statement; MATLAB automatically allocates storage for matrices. Nevertheless, for large matrices, MATLAB programs may execute faster if the zeros function is used to set aside storage for a matrix whose elements are to be generated one at a time, or a row or column at a time
  3. A MATLAB function is a MATLAB program that performs a sequence of operations specified in a text file (called an m-file because it must be saved with a file extension of *.m). A function accepts one or more MATLAB variables as inputs, operates on them in some way, and then returns one or more MATLAB variables as outputs and may also.
  4. The recipe for a function (the function's code) is always stored in a .m file. In Matlab, there should only be one function per file. Important: The name of the .m file and the function should be the same! A Very Simple Function File . Here is an example of a function that computes the average of two numbers
  5. matlab_kmeans, a MATLAB code which illustrates the use of the Matlab kmeans() function for clustering N sets of M-dimensional data into K clusters. matlab_map, a MATLAB code which uses the MATLAB mapping toolbox to draw maps of the world, countries, the US, or individual states
  6. Matlab pause function that returns the keystroke? 616. How can I view the source code for a function? 0. create function with the same name as a builtin function in MATLAB. 1. Time delay in Matlab for a specific function, while letting the rest of the functions run. 0. Matlab Edge Detection Function
  7. The first part is to create a function called 'functionA' in a filename 'functionA.m'. Then put the following code inside: function result = functionA(N,alpha) result = 5; return end The second part is to create another Matlab file(i.e. upto you to name it) or you can use the Matlab command window even. Then run the following code

Optimization. The optimization toolbox contains a number of routines that use numerical techniques to find extremum of user-supplied functions. MATLAB uses the Newton-Raphson algorithm most of the cases which uses derivatives to find the minimum of a function, That is, if you want to maximize a function f, you will minimize -f, a function with the minimum at the same point as the maximum of f 'Polygamma functions' is a very important aspect of advanced mathematics. You can find detailed information about the polygamma functions from this link. YOU CAN LEARN MatLab® IN MECHANICAL BASE; Click And Start To Learn MatLab®! Polygamma functions are calculated with the 'psi()' command in Matlab®

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  1. Define this routine as a string that is a valid MATLAB expression or the name of an M-file. The expression executes in the MATLAB workspace. See Function Handle Callbacks for information on how to use function handles to define the callback function. WindowButtonMotionFcn string or functional handle. Mouse motion callback function. Use this.
  2. function f(arg1, arg2, arg3) if nargin < 3 arg3 = 'some default' end end There are a few fancier things you can do with isempty, etc., and you might want to look at MATLAB central for some packages that bundle these sorts of things. You might have a look at varargin, nargchk, etc. They're useful functions for this sort of thing
  3. g languages. To call a function, such as max, enclose its input arguments in parentheses
  4. g language and numeric computing environment developed by MathWorks.MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages.. Although MATLAB is intended primarily for numeric.
  5. Introduction to Inline Function in Matlab. Inline Functions in Matlab have two categories one is inbuilt functions and the second is used defined functions that are created by the user. Inbuilt Functions. Matlab has many built-in functions square root, sin, cos, tan, exponential, log, etc

Special Arrays in MATLAB. In this section, we will discuss some functions that create some special arrays. For all these functions, a single argument creates a square array, double arguments create rectangular array. The zeros() function creates an array of all zeros −. For example The function handle operator in MATLAB acts essentially like a pointer to a specific instance of a function. Some of the other answers have discussed a few of its uses, but I'll add another use here that I often have for it: maintaining access to functions that are no longer in scope MATLAB functions do not actually have to have inputs or outputs. Sometimes, functions will be written that neither accept values nor provide them. The main reason to do this is to completely isolate the function from the workspace without having to clear the workspace. Naming and Calling Functions

You can use it through P/Invoke. Cons: It's expensive, a lot of P/Invoke. There is a third option: delegates. Starting MATLAB -> load .NET assembly -> execute .NET function with delegate handle to a MATLAB function. There is a great example on this site on setting up everything. You can use MATLAB .NET deployment tool MATLAB/Octave Python Description; doc help -i % browse with Info: help() Browse help interactively: help help or doc doc: help: Help on using help: help plot: Discrete difference function and approximate derivative: Solve differential equations: Fourier analysis. MATLAB/Octave Python Description; fft(a) fft(a) or: Fast fourier transform. MATLAB Function Library; Introduction. MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory. According to The Mathworks, its producer, it is a technical computing environment. We will take the more mundane view that it is a programming language. This section covers much of the language, but by no means all

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MATLAB - Environment Setup; MATLAB - Syntax; MATLAB - Variables; MATLAB - Commands; MATLAB - M-Files; MATLAB - Data Types; MATLAB - Operators; MATLAB - Decisions; MATLAB - Loops; MATLAB - Vectors; MATLAB - Matrix; MATLAB - Arrays; MATLAB - Colon Notation; MATLAB - Numbers; MATLAB - Strings; MATLAB - Functions; MATLAB - Data Import; MATLAB. In this video, I introduce you to the structure of user-defined functions in MATLAB and how to implement them. I'll walk you through two different examples t.. MATLAB contains all of the standard functions such as sin, cos, log, exp, sqrt, as well as many others. Commonly used constants such as pi, and i or j for the square root of -1, are also incorporated into MATLAB. sin(pi/4) ans = 0.7071 To determine the usage of any function, type help [function name] at the MATLAB command window

MATLAB has a feature that lets you develop an analytical expression of one or more inputs and either assign that expression to a variable or pass it as an argument to a function. The @ symbol lets you create an anonymous function of any number of variables by giving the @ symbol, followed by a variable list, followed by the expression the function is meant to calculate MATLAB commands in numerical Python (NumPy) 3 Vidar Bronken Gundersen /mathesaurus.sf.net 2.5 Round off Desc. matlab/Octave Python R Round round(a) around(a) or math.round(a) round(a) Round up ceil(a) ceil(a) ceil(a) Round down floor(a) floor(a) floor(a) Round towards zero fix(a) fix(a) 2.6 Mathematical constants Desc. matlab/Octave Python The mxcall function calls a given MATLAB function and returns the result; In general, the mat custom string literal is the preferred method to interact with the MATLAB engine. Note: There can be multiple (reasonable) ways to convert a MATLAB variable to Julia array. For example, MATLAB represents a scalar using a 1-by-1 matrix A closely related function to mod is MATLAB's rem function, short for remainder. A possible pitfall for incorrect usage of the mod function is that the answer always keeps the sign of the divisor. For example, Mod(-17,3) returns positive two, because the three is positive. If a division calculation requires the correct sign on the.

Variable names can be of any length, however, MATLAB uses only first N characters, where N is given by the function namelengthmax. Saving Your Work The save command is used for saving all the variables in the workspace, as a file with .mat extension, in the current directory Often beginning MATLAB developers will use MATLAB's editor to write and edit code, in particular custom functions with inputs and outputs. There is a Run button at the top that is available in recent versions of MATLAB See what's new in the latest release of MATLAB and Simulink: https://goo.gl/3MdQK1Download a trial: https://goo.gl/PSa78rIn Part 3, we complete the Stateflow..

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Managing code in MATLAB: Sub functions. This is the first series of MATLAB video tutorials that are an attempt to systematically make videos for a technology trees for using MATLAB. This first tree covers the various kinds of MATLAB files you might write. The tree shows you the order you should watch them because some rely on skills you. MATLAB Function Reference : norm. Vector and matrix norms. Syntax. n = norm(A) n = norm(A,p) Description. The norm of a matrix is a scalar that gives some measure of the magnitude of the elements of the matrix. The norm function calculates several different types of matrix norms

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MATLAB Function Reference : Arithmetic Operators + - * / \ ^ ' Matrix and array arithmetic. Syntax. A+B A-B A*B A.*B A/B A./B A\B A.\B A^B A.^B A' A.' Description. MATLAB has two different types of arithmetic operations. Matrix arithmetic operations are defined by the rules of linear algebra. Array arithmetic operations are carried out element. d = size (X) returns the sizes of each dimension of array X in a vector d with ndims (X) elements. If X is a scalar, which MATLAB regards as a 1-by-1 array, size (X) returns the vector [1 1]. [m,n] = size (X) returns the size of matrix X in separate variables m and n. m = size (X,dim) returns the size of the dimension of X specified by scalar dim Overload MATLAB functions for your class by defining a class method with the same name as the function that you want to overload. MATLAB dispatches to the class method when the function is called with an instance of the class. You can overload MATLAB arithmetic, logical, relational, and indexing operators by defining class methods with the. 此 MATLAB 函数 声明名为 myfun 的函数,该函数接受输入 x1,...,xM 并返回输出 y1,...,yN。此声明语句必须是函数的第一个可执行代码行。有效的函数名称以字母字符开头,并且可以包含字母、数字或下划线

Whereas some MATLAB functions support only vector inputs, others accept matrices. When your data is a vector, the result is the same whether the vector has a rowwise or columnwise orientation. However, when your data is a matrix, MATLAB performs calculations independently for each column. This means that when you pass a matri Function to plot, specified as a function handle to a named or anonymous function. Specify a function of the form y = f (x) . The function must accept a vector input argument and return a vector output argument of the same size. Use array operators instead of matrix operators for the best performance

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The matlab function vectorize replaces , ^, and / by ., .^, and ./ respectively. The significance of this is that MATLAB works primarily with vectors and matrices, and its default interpretation of multiplication, division, and exponentiation is as matrix operations. The dot before the operation indicates that it is to be performed entry by. This is a tutorial on how to write custom functions in MATLAB. Table of contents below.00:00 - Introduction00:33 - General form01:26 - Example function decl..

string: Create string array: strings: Create array of strings with no characters: join: Combine strings, or merge two tables or timetables by rows using key variables: char: Conv The crucial detail to remember when using reshape is that MATLAB will always use the column-major notation to determine the shape of the new matrix. MATLAB always counts down then across, and will place elements of the old matrix into their same position in the new matrix. In other words, x (1) = y (1), x (2) = y (2), and so on The C++ interface generates a MATLAB function overload for each function template instantiation using a valid MATLAB name based on the C++ function name. Suppose that you have this C++ header file that defines a function template show and provides instantiations for types int, double, and const A Scripts versus Functions Scripts are m-files containing MATLAB statements. MATLAB ``functions'' are another type of m-file. The biggest difference between scripts and functions is that functions have input and output parameters. Script files can only operate on the variables that are hard-coded into their m-file

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\Introduction to MATLAB for Engineering Students is a document for an introductory course in MATLAB°R 1 and technical computing. It is used for freshmen classes at North-western University. This document is not a comprehensive introduction or a reference man-ual. Instead, it focuses on the speciflc features of MATLAB that are useful for. When you use sin or log or exp in Matlab you are using function m-files. They are different from script m-files primarily because they have inputs and outputs. To specify which variables in the m-file are the inputs, and which are the outputs, the first line of the m-file should be in this form It provides functions for integrating MATLAB based algorithms with external applications and languages such as C, Java, .NET and Microsoft Excel. Uses of MATLAB MATLAB is widely used as a computational tool in science and engineering encompassing the fields of physics, chemistry, math and all engineering streams. I MATLAB Function Reference : xlsread. Note The full functionality of xlsread depends on the ability to start Excel as a COM server from MATLAB. If your system does not have this capability, the xlsread syntax that passes the 'basic' keyword is recommended. num = xlsread. This type of function must be defined within a file, not at the command line. Often, you store a function in its own file. In that case, the best practice is to use the same name for the function and the file (in this example, fact.m), since MATLAB ® associates the program with the file name. Save the file either in the current folder or in a folder on the MATLAB search path

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Matlab function outputs are in cell format, so you can define a cell data with the size same as the function output and use it as a single variable to store all the outputs in a more structured way :) - wshan Jan 22 '15 at 9:0 This MATLAB function returns an array Y the same size as x, where each element of Y is: 1 if the corresponding element of x is greater than 0

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Gram-Schmidt in MATLAB Author: Gilbert Strang Created Date: 10/18/2005 11:10:13 AM. MATLAB has a command that lets you develop an analytical expression of one or more inputs and assign that expression to a variable. The inline command lets you create a function of any number of variables by giving a string containing the function followed by a series of strings denoting the order of the input variables. This method is good for relatively simple functions that will not be used. The feedback command in MATLAB takes plant and output sensor transfer functions (G and H in the Nise book's paradigm) and produces the overall transfer function assuming negative feedback. Specifically, if G and H are defined as variables, T=feedback(G, H) is functionally the same as: T = G / (1 + G*H The first line of the file is the function definition. Following that are several lines of comment statements that form a prologue to the function. Because the first line after the function definition has a non-blank comment statement, typing ``help readColData'' at the MATLAB prompt will cause MATLAB to print the prologue in the command window Creating a function in MATLAB is only slightly more work than creating a script. In fact, the two processes use the same editor, so you're already familiar with what the editor can provide in the way of help. The various Editor features you'd use for creating a script all work the same way with functions, [

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The base workspace stores variables that you create at the command line. This includes any variables that scripts create, assuming that you run the script from the command line or from the Editor. Variables in the base workspace exist until you clear them or end your MATLAB ® session. Functions do not use the base workspace Generate a .NET Assembly from MATLAB with Library Compiler App. Generate a .NET assembly from MATLAB using the Library Compiler App. The tutorial from MathWorks, Inc. uses the makesquare.m example file and results in the creating of MagicSquareCompNative.dll, which is the file we will be using to integrate into LabVIEW in this tutorial.. Verify the generated folders and files MATLAB Matrix: Inverse, Transpose, and Identity Matrix and Extracting Elements The Transpose MATLAB Function. Transpose matrix: you can use the transpose function in MATLAB by adding a single quotation mark at the end of your matrix

Type octave (and then ``enter'') in the shell window; you will see Octave's prompt, octave:1>. If you want Matlab, you can start it with matlab-nojvm ; you will see Matlab's prompt, >>. Try basic commands: 1+1 a=1+1 a=1+5; a sin (3.14) sin (pi) Use UpArrow and DownArrow to browse through the commands you already gave Dynamic Memory Allocation Not Supported for MATLAB Function Blocks.....8-41 Limitation on Mixing Stack and Heap Allocation.....8-41 Restrictions on Variable Sizing in Toolbox Functions Supported for Code Generation.....8-42 Common Restrictions.....8-42 xii Content function [maxtab, mintab]=peakdet (v, delta, x) %PEAKDET Detect peaks in a vector % [MAXTAB, MINTAB] = PEAKDET (V, DELTA) finds the local % maxima and minima (peaks) in the vector V. % MAXTAB and MINTAB consists of two columns. Column 1 % contains indices in V, and column 2 the found values Learn MATLAB and Simulink Tutorials and courses to advance your skills, whether you're a beginner or expert user. Start now . Teach with MATLAB and Simulink Ready-to-use courseware, code examples, and projects. Get started . Get a Trial of MATLAB and Simulink Product Unlike the other simulink blocks (that can see the workspace variables) the matlab function block cannot. I do not want to create a port and pass the variable in as a signal for various reasons. Reading through the documentation, I have to use data store memory, but this doesn't seem to work

We can use exported functions in any language. Here is a brief instruction to build shared libraries from Matlab m-files: Compile your m-file into a DLL (from Matlab command prompt): Copy Code. mcc -t -L C -W lib:mylib -T link:lib -h <M-file> libmmfile.mlib. The -t option tells the Matlab compiler to translate the m-file to the target language How to create a void function in MATLAB? Follow 1,254 views (last 30 days) Show older comments. Omulus on 9 Jul 2013. Vote. 7. ⋮ . Vote. 7. Accepted Answer: Friedrich. I want to create a function that does not return a value, but instead plots something on a given interval It should not take on the name % of any built-in MATLAB function to avoid conflict. function output = SomeFunction(m) output = 2 * m; % Multiply m by 2. Note: if the name of the first function declared in the m-file does not match the file name, it will execute when called by the file name, not the name after the function keyword Programming Note: nargin does not work on built-in functions. See also: nargout, narginchk, varargin, inputname. Function File: inputname (n) Return the name of the n-th argument to the calling function.. If the argument is not a simple variable name, return an empty string. inputname may only be used within a function body, not at the command line.. See also: nargin, nthargout

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LiveLink™ for MATLAB® allows you to utilize the full power of MATLAB and its toolboxes in preprocessing, model manipulation, and postprocessing: Enhance your in-house MATLAB code with powerful multiphysics simulations. Base your geometry modeling on probabilistic or image data. Perform arbitrary statistical analysis on simulation results Learn MATLAB and Octave and start experimenting with matrix manipulations, data visualizations, functions and mathematical computations

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